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EnerGuide is the official mark of the Government of Canada for its energy performance rating and labeling program for key consumer items—houses, light-duty vehicles, and certain energy-using products.

The information provided by EnerGuide allows consumers to compare different models with confidence. The data may be a rating number based on a standard measure or a verified average of energy consumption.

EnerGuide works in concert with Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations and the ENERGY STAR® Canada program to promote energy efficiency in the Canadian marketplace.

Energy efficiency helps Canadians:
  • save energy
  • lower utility bills
  • reduce our impact on the environment

The EnerGuide Label:
  • Informs you about your home's overall energy performance - the higher the number, the more energy efficient your home is.
  • Will give you an estimate of the electricity, natural gas and or oil that you can expect to consume each year.
  • Shows you what you don't see - how the home uses energy.
  • Helps you to identify how energy-efficient your home is compared to other homes across Canada.
  • Is an official record of your homes' energy performance backed by the Government of Canada.
  • May be used to access incentive programs available in your region 
For more information on the EnerGuide Program from the Government of Canada, click here.

Why choose an EnerGuide rated new home?
  • Investments you make in energy efficiency at the construction stage of your new home will pay off in lower energy bills for the lifetime of your home. 
  • An EnerGuide rating, label and report will help you better understand your home’s energy performance, which may help you reduce your energy use and save on utility bills.
  • An EnerGuide label is an official record of your home’s energy performance, and may help increase its resale value.
  • EnerGuide is backed by the government of Canada and all participating builders must be registered with Natural Resources Canada.
  • Become part of the solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change.

All EnerGuide for homes advisers know how house components work together to achieve a superior level of energy efficiency and indoor comfort. This includes the ability to assess how a home will use energy, and which areas will need improving.  Adjustments of upgrades are only recommended after considering their influence on the other aspects of the house system and how this can reduce costs elsewhere.


Older Homes With No Building Upgrades - 0 to 50
Older Home Having Had Renovations & Building Upgrades - 51-65
Older Home Having Had Energy Efficiency Renovations - 66-74
Energy Efficient NEW Home - 75-79
Highly Energy Efficient NEW Home - 80-90
ADVANCED Energy Efficient NEW Home that uses little to no purchased energy - 91-100


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Just a one point difference in your EnerGuide rating
typically reduces your homes energy consumption by 3 to 5 percent


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The CGP is an exclusive designation offerred by the National Association of Homebuilders, designed to teach building industry professionals stratgies for incorporating green building principles into homes using cost-effecive and affordable options.

Your CGP is dedicated to the practice of green building and trained to deliver it to you in the way that best suits your needs. Your CGP will be able to explain the hows and whys of green building abd educate you on which features are appropriate for your project.
          nahb national green building programARE YOU READY TO GO GREEN?

NAHB's Certified Green Professional CGP designation is a reliable way to identify industry professionals who are committed to making your home green. 

A CGP has been trained in:
  • choosing products and practices for greater energy efficiency
  • indoor and outdoor water conservation
  • indoor environmental quality
  • using sustainable building products
  • meeting NGBS benchmarks

EcoStar Homes is a Certified Green Builder. We use building materials and processes in the construction of your new home that guarantee you will receive an energuide rating of at least 85. This translates directly into continued energy savings of up to 30% for you, for the lifetime of your home.


Solar Ready

Solar Ready enables homeowners to save money on the installation of a future SDHW
and/or solar PV system and increase the value of your home.  We pre-install the necessary
electrical, plumbing and conduit systems from your utilities to the attic, so that future
installation of solar panels on your roof can be completed without the need for interior renovations.

SOLAR READY BACKGROUND: Natural Resources Canada partnered with the Canadian Solar Industries Association to develop the technical specifications of these Solar Ready Guidelines, while builder-led pilot projects provided an opportunity to demonstrate the Solar Ready concept. The pilot projects found that a few simple and inexpensive design modifications made “up front” in the design and construction phase of a new home would enable homeowners to save significantly on the future installation costs of a complete SDHW system.

For complete information about Solar Ready, click here


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Huge Savings On Energy Costs - Huge Rebates


AmeriSpec Inspection Services

Our homes have been rated by a nationally recognized rating and inspection company; Amerispec Your Comprehensive Amerispec report:
  • Gives you the peace of mind of knowing you’ve made a sound buying decision
  • Gives you invaluable details about every aspect of your new home
  • Reduces the risk of unwanted “surprises” after you move in.