Guaranteed New Home Warranty from LUX

Lux horozontal

We are proud to offer the LUX New Home Warranty program with the building of all our new homes.  Lux warranties are respected and well sought throughout the building insustry.  Your LUX Warranty includes:

1yearLUX The builder's 1st year latent defects
Dispute resolution - Homeowner helpline, assistance with good client relations. Included in basic coverage.
2yearLUX 2 year envelope warranty
Protection against water penetration from above the ground home envelope, from windows, doors, roofing, siding

Option 1: Paid by the builder $80 + builder responsible for repairs

Option 2: Paid by homeowner $250 + LUX responsible for repairs
8yearLUX 8 year Major Structural Defect (MSD)
MSD included in basic coverage.  Coverage may be extended to 10yrs for $250

For more information on LUX warranty - VISIT THEIR WEBSITE